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Central District Rural Development Agency established an organization sponsored by the state of implementation of the scheme for the registration of the Society of Bombay Public Trust Act ACT 1860 and 1950, has been under. Economic level of the District Rural Development yantranemarphata people below the poverty uncavinyakarita schemes are implemented. They are made available to the Centre and the State Government arthesahayya. The effective implementation of the schemes honekarita GR no. Jigrapa 2003/1743 process / project -5 Ministry, Mumbai is applied under the new aqatibandha 400 032.

District Rural Development Tasks system

Implementation of schemes sponsored by the central government, individual and collective benefits to families below poverty line in the plan, as well as BPL family are self-employed loan cases for rmaphata District Rural Development Agency.

Beneficiaries make an ideal investment or for productive industry dhande plan for the removal of your income should be increased. Private beneficiaries of such a scheme exists for the benefit of oneself or by others in this area and the karyakarita, public or co-ordination by the District Council of Agricultural Industries Corporation yantanesi cooperative banks, commercial banks, Implementation Department of the Central and the State Government.
Implementation of some other purpose (for purposes of the prescribed time, the Indian government and the state government), providing the main purpose to attain individual and group beneficiaries for agricultural husbandry, dairy, small businesses, etc. all in the field of investment and production plans rabvinyasthi sufficient financial vyvsyapakiya and organizational support to the development and to all the action.