Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Project Number 2

Information about the progress of rural housing scheme Rajiv Gandhi varsanihaya No. 2 – plan.
Rajiv Gandhi Rural housing project area. 2 (updated)

Rajiv Gandhi Rural housing project area. 2 (revised), the rural poverty line under the plan sponsored by the State Government, but this plan easily the low-income group housing scheme kutumbakarita Rajiv Gandhi Rural area. 2 (revised) GR crunchy, nidho 2008 / procedures -92 / -1 funds Date 27/08/2008 has been applied in accordance with the state of Maharashtra.
nature of the scheme

Each housing construction cost – Rs. 1,00,000 / –
Beneficiary own part – the Rs. 10,000 / –
Funds available in the form of a loan from the bank due to 31 – Rs. 90,000 / –

Terms and Conditions

The annual family income of Rs. 96,000 / – is required to have self-government or / village-has given space for the construction of housing beneficiaries who are not interested in much more than that.
Beneficiaries The beneficiaries who initially Rs. 10,000 / itaki amount should be prepared to pay about self gramapancayatikade application: part.
The proposed location for the housing authority is not required to certify the quality of the case is less than Tahsildars bojarahita.
His annual income is Rs. 96,000 / – in case of not more than. Tahsildars than is necessary to reduce the level of non-revenue officer certificate.
The selection of the 31 beneficiary svahissyaci amount of Rs. 10,000 / – is required to pay the village library and the adoption of the nationalized bank account.
Other have not availed benefits under any of the information center and the State Government housing construction.
If the natural disaster, disabled paritaktya, divorced, ex-servicemen and war viragati held the family received pradhayakramane resevarila family poverty is a priority choice.
The gharakulace 269 cauphuta construction sector mat is necessary to build housing. It will include a provision bhukhanda bahuuddesiya room and toilet and harm the housing must be constructed out of one side.
If the construction of the crib while seism pravanaksetra need to use technology to bhukamparodhaka.
Ensure the crib can not be lived in full jhalyatara anyone else in addition to the construction of the beneficiaries of the family. And there will not be sold to any other person sadanika 10 years.


Beneficiaries of these cases received gramapancayatikade interested in the scheme and the need to keep the village is 31, selection.
The list of beneficiaries eligible for selection gramasabhedvare need for further action can be sent to all the documents Panchayat Committee.
Panchayat Samiti level nikasapramane rule out the Project Director ensure the proposal, jigraviyam Are presented with the Nanded.
Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman Dist. Graviyam After receipt of administrative approval from Nanded to submit a proposal to grant nationalized bank loan cases are the work of the proposed application of the jurisdiction of the village of character.
Banks obtain debt cases jhalya the search report (Search Report) carrying case is approved.

Grants and Benefits

The scheme is Rs. 10,000 / – beneficiary self: part / form of voluntary labor and bank loan of Rs. 90,000 / – and the total Rs. 1,00,000 / – will be on the house.
The beneficiary is entitled to the jurisdiction of the village, which nationalized the bank. The bank account opened at Rs. 10,000 / – to pay for their own account.
Rs Bank. 90,000 / – to pay interest on the amount borrowed rakkamevarila government guarantee (31 home construction) sector through the creation of an area of 31 Home Development Board, headed by a leading bank in the district, with the yield on NB Families and nationalizing the bank Rs. 90,000 / – for the construction of housing loans to be made available.
New housing will be saved, thus the incoming bank constructed. Debt recovery is be coordination between the relevant District Council and the related bank.
The plan beneficiary’s own place or Government / Panchayat at least 269 sq m on the ground, which he made available. Ft carpet area Crib own bandhavayace.
Under this scheme, the monthly loan repayment by the beneficiary and the co-ordination of the approved cases of bank Bank loan, tremasika, will be half-yearly, payment of loan installments.