Rajiv Gandhi Rural housing project No. 1

Finding information about the progress of the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Plan No. 1 – plan varsanihaya.
Rajiv Gandhi Grameen no shelter plan. 1

To give financial aid to build housing in rural areas is poor BPL SC is the primary object of this project.
benefit form

Under this scheme, the State Department raru gahanirmana 68.500 / – Grants are given for the construction of housing.
Housing Department kraraganyo GR / 2013 / Pra.Kra .330 / 22 Date -1 grnidho ogasta 2014, according to the crib of the increase in the subsidized price of 95,000 / – has been.
criteria Scheme

Personal benefit plans: – the selection of beneficiaries under this scheme, the family poverty line is calculated on the basis of the application that is eligible for the crib 2002-2007. SC / ST and non-SC / ST beneficiaries is a priority in order to create a permanent form of the coefficient of occasionally waiting list.
Under this scheme the central government is determined by the number of people per year, BPL / number of homeless families gharakulance laksanka per district. This laksanka daridraya line is distributed in the population / number of homeless families in the panchayats.
What plan is implemented.

GR No. imayo -2010 / process 34 / -10 dated 9 April 2010, under the plan, as well as the Department of Rural Development and jalasandharaka, Ministry of Mumbai 400032 imayo holiday letter number 2010 / prakram 34/12 date plan -10 Taluka Gram Panchayat under the Indira Awas Yojana left permanent pratiksayadimadhila under the first district sucanenusara December 2011 the number of beneficiaries has been listed in ascending order. Taluka Panchayat is the lowest in permanent waiting list of families without shelter, dated 01/01/2010 that are left on the list has been prepared in the ascending No. ranks first in the village panchayat and the village panchayat. Indira Awas Yojana guide tatvapramane udidastam total of 60% of the applications. SC / ST, 15% is required to ratify the minority beneficiaries crib. According to the list gramapancayatipasuna top of all of the villages in the ascending order of the village are provided to each village until approved gharakule all SC / ST beneficiaries receive the udidastannusara gharakule. Similarly, the beginning of the first gavapasuna minority beneficiaries are approved for all beneficiaries gharakule minority. Then, beginning in the first gramapancayatipasuna are approved non-SC / ST beneficiaries crib. Villages in the district is chosen as the level of rural development system. Then choose a list of beneficiaries for approval is sent to the villages of Panchayat Samiti level. Panchayat approval is given in the list of beneficiaries administrative committee level. After the approval of the administrative committee of the panchayat level comes beneficiaries to deposit the first installment raru 25,000 / – on account of the beneficiaries of the Panchayat Samiti level. After the second dose raru 25,000 / – and the third installment raru .18,500 / – crib so the progress is underlined dhanadesadhdare beneficiary funds Panchayat Samiti level.
eligible beneficiaries

In the name of the beneficiary of the 2002-2007 poverty resakhalila computing yadimadhuna crib for Indira approved by the SC / ST and SC jamiti as well as non-eligible beneficiaries of the Gram Sabha housing waiting list must include the establishment of the scheme.