Hariyali Watershed Development Program

Green (water conservation program in the land development under the project implementation, eg. Integrated arid and development programs and desert territories development program in kheuyatila date instruction of the program guide of the watershed for the development of the included population April 1, implemented since 1995, the last and then ogasta process forward after improving in 2001 to access to and participate in the management of the panchayati Raj institutions arthapurnaritya process of economic development planning and implementation of the new rural greenery were removed Instruction guide)

Farming, gardening and planting trees and flowers cultivation antarbhavakaruna, gayarananca development, fishing etc. To be available to people kamantuna khedayatila consistent income and save rainwater pratyekathamba to be drinking water supply.
Achieving the full development of the Gram Panchayat and rural areas and villages to upalabdhakaruna pot of rainwater setidvare permanent utpanace management.
Employment opportunities, poverty alleviation, rural development and other economic resources.
In order for the development of rural areas crops, livestock and humans against severe weather situation affect any non-eg. Drought and desertification, etc.. In contrast to the mild.
Dainandinakama with natural wealth of the land and the balanced development of water conservation by every tree.
Khedayatila encouraging people to take care of natural wealth and sustainable collective action program for achieving the development of natural resources as well as the factors in the catchment area.
Udyutakarane for simple and affordable measures vaparakaranya and sthanikatantrika vaparakarane information and tools available.

benefit form

The prevailing method for Rural Affairs, the projects will be approved by the Department of Government of India groundwater resource. This account may from time to time make changes to the system. But the department the authority to intervene in any of the provisions of this guide bhusadhana notices. This special account eg adacaniyukta country. Very high places of the district, the village of the slope more than 30 degrees or some other technical reasons for the backward section will give approval for the land that was not sown vikasakhali special projects. This project does not need to enforce the collective level, it can be conducted in-depth account by employees.
Catchment choice criteria

Labor, money, tools, etc. Means the maintenance of the public and for the development or production by, the people involved, the catchment area.
Acute scarcity of drinking water in the catchment area of the station.

To benefit from the scheme should contact

Gram – GTC
Panchayat Samiti – group development officer
District – District Rural Development Agency Project Director.