About Us

Each District is having its own District Rural Development Agency. The DRDA is headed by a Project Director. In respect of such States where DRDA does not have a separate identity, a separate Cell created in the Zilla Parishad to maintain separate accounts, so that these are capable of being audited separately.

The DRDA should emerge as a specialized agency capable of managing the Anti Poverty Programmes of the Ministry on the one hand and to effectively relate these to the overall effort of poverty eradication in the District.

Actual execution of programmes will be handled outside the DRDAs and the DRDA’s role will be to facilitate the implementation of the programmes, to supervise/oversee and monitor the progress, to receive and send the progress reports as well as to account for the funds.

DRDAs will develop the capacity to build synergies among different agencies involved, for the most effective results.

If DRDAs are to be entrusted with programmes of other Ministries or those of the State Governments, it would be ensured that these have a definite Anti Poverty focus. The Chairman, Zilla Parishad would be the Chairman of the Governing Body of the DRDA. The DRDA shall also have an Executive Committee.

The Project Director should cause the annual accounts of the DRDA to be prepared not later than 30th June. These shall be duly audited.